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  • 1
  • preparation of sales and donation contracts, life long support contracts and other types of contracts
  • alignment of the cadastral and land registry status of a property with the settlement of open ownership issues
  • registration of property rights
  • drafting and preparation of documents for procedures referred to obtaining concessions
  • initiation of expropriation procedures
  • initiation of administrative procedures for obtaining location, construction and other permits
  • change in status of companies
  • establishing, transformation, takeover and merger procedures of companies
  • due diligence
  • building agreements, partnership agreements, agreements on joint construction, contracts related to goods and services
  • preparation of all normative acts, including the Labour Law area
  • representation in commercial disputes
  • • representation in public notary and court proceedings for debt collection
  • procedures against insurance companies and other companies for damage reimbursement due to work-related injuries, traffic and other accidents
  • preparation of employment contracts
  • preparation of employment contracts terminations
  • preparation of codes of practice and collective agreements
  • providing legal advices and representation in divorce and support proceedings, as well as divorce proceedings with underage children in which proceedings it is to be decided which parent the child shall live with, how to maintain contacts between the child and the other parent and other family care issues
  • representation in matrimonial asset disputes
  • representation in proceedings related to the determining or denial of paternity
  • representation in cases of business capacity detraction and appointment of a guardian
  • preparation of last wills and testaments
  • providing legal advice and representation in inheritance proceedings and inheritance and legal disputes
  • Patents
  • Trademarks


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